Lionsgate Table Mountain Attunements | New Earth 5D Sync Project

Months of preparation finally paid off! Part 1 of 2 South African Solar Plexus attunement events and the launch of the New Earth 5D Project was held in Cape Town on the 8th of August 2023.

The Table Mountain Sacred Sound & Light Attunement  was the first taste of a series of 12 Sacred Sound and Light Attunements to connect you in to our planet Gaia’s Fifth Dimensional Spiritual Chakra Vortexes.

The Attunements Recording is available for purchase. 

This is part 1 of the first in a series of 12 Attunements. It is recommended to do the entire series of 12 as each one will link you to a specific spiritual earth chakra. You can learn more here.

Lionsgate Table Mountain Opening Drumming Circle | New Earth 5D Sync Project

This is a series of 12 Attunement Events that will be happening over the course of the next 10 years. We suggest that you do the entire series of attunements to gain the full benefit. It will be designed to attune each of your 12 fifth dimensional chakras to those of Fifth Dimensional Gaia and to link you to her higher frequency crystalline grid that will be shaping the New Earth!

Besides the fact that you will be getting major attunements, there will be a lot of other alignments, clearings and attunements happening during these events too. Each of our event venues for instance are chosen for specific reasons related to the specific area, it’s culture and history as well as it’s significance to the vortex point.

Why Two Parts?

In Part 1 you will be receiving a light code activation to prepare the body for the full crystalline upgrade that will take place in Part 2 of the South Africa Solar Plexus Attunement. Your solar plexus chakra will be upgraded to the fifth dimensional version, and anchored into Gaia’s upgraded crystalline grid structure at the Table Mountain Sacred Vortex, the focal point of Gaia’s fifth dimensional spiritual solar plexus chakra, which is the whole of South Africa. This will create a major shift into your personal power center, allowing you to fully step into your unique gifts and power. It will initiate a shift in your quantum field and raise your vibrations aligning you with your highest power frequency within the New Earth reality, directly aligned with the purest power of your higher self for your highest good.

The full attunement event included:

  • A Drumming Circle with Master Djembefola Manan Ajimah
  • Conscious Music by Riaz & Ward 10 and the Outpatients
  • A Sound Journey tuned to the Frequencies of Table Mountain with Janet & Johann
  • A Viewing of the Sacred Ceremony earlier during the day on Table Mountain
  • Crystalline Energy Body Upgrade Preparation Meditation with Michelle Magic Medium
  • Sacred Sound and Light Transmission by Marlene UmanRa

Why 8/8?

The cosmic alignment known as the Lions Gate Portal is a period where there is greater cosmic energy flow between the material and spiritual worlds. This is due to our Sun’s position in the zodiac sign of Leo plus the rise of the star Sirius and its direct alignment with the Pyramid of Giza.

The  Table Mountain Sacred Sound & Light Attunement took advantage of the Lions Gate’s incoming Lyran energies. A wonderful chance to use these energies to intentionally anchor and connect with the higher light frequencies and activate the dormant codings within our bodies and its DNA that will allow us to evolve in unimaginable ways.

We incorporated frequency conscious music, channeled crystalline energy light codes and a light language music and visual display by a variety of collaborating participants from across the globe in this event. 

You can purchase a Recording of the Attunements here

Lionsgate Table Mountain Attunements

The Recording includes an Introduction to the New Earth 5D Sync Project from Marlene UmanRa, which officially launched during this mini Event.

The two Attunements include:

An Introduction of Michelle Magic Medium and her channeled crystalline energy body preparation upgrade to the solar plexus chakras of participants, facilitated by the Rainbow Crystal Beings from their Inner Earth Realm and the Phoenix Collective.

The Lionsgate Table Mountain Sacred Sound and Light Attunement woven together with musical, sound and visual elements by Marlene UmanRa of Light Codes provided by The Cosmic Scribe Anu She~Ra and Light Language by Araya AnRa. This facilitated the handover of the Table Mountain Portal Complex from Marlene UmanRa and her Dragon Uman to the Lyran Golden Winged Lion that took over from her, utilising the potent Lyran and Sirian energies of Lionsgate of 2023.

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