Thank you for gifting yourself with these powerful Attunements!

You are welcome to download these attunements for future use (there is a button below to the video file for that purpose) and re-listen to it as often as you wish. Like with all energy work, there are spirals of integration.

Sharing with immediate family is obviously acceptable, but we would appreciate if you would rather share the link to the purchase of the Attunements with friends as that would help us in our preparations for the upcoming months and years as we ease into the bigger Project.

The Recording includes an Introduction to the New Earth 5D Sync Project from Marlene UmanRa, which officially launched during this mini Event.

The two Attunements include:

An Introduction of Michelle Magic Medium and her Channeled Crystalline Energy Body Preparation Upgrade to the solar plexus chakras of participants, facilitated by the Rainbow Crystal Beings from an Inner Earth Realm and the Phoenix Collective in preparation for the full Upgrade and Attunement for the 5D Solar Plexus Spiritual Chakra Vortex of South Africa that will be happening at the beginning of next year. 

[Our sincere apologies for the sound quality of this recording. We have improved it as much as we were able to under the circumstances.]

The Lionsgate Table Mountain Sacred Sound and Light Attunement woven together with musical, sound and visual elements by Marlene UmanRa of Light Codes provided by The Cosmic Scribe Anu She~Ra and Light Language by Araya AnRa. This facilitated the handover of the Table Mountain Portal Complex from Marlene UmanRa and her Dragon Uman to the Lyran Golden Winged Lion that took over from her, utilising the potent Lyran and Sirian energies of the Lionsgate of 2023. Michelle also worked with my Dragon Uman and some water dragons in Table Bay at Cape Town just before Lionsgate to release Light Codes into the water and air in preparation for the baton handover. Part of her channeled session is included at the beginning of this Attunement and the whales stood in visually for the water dragons and also held space.

Length of Recording: Approx 58 minutes

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