Table Mountain, Cape Town South Africa | Focal Point of the Solar Plexus Fifth Dimensional Earth Chakra of South Africa

Table Mountain, South Africa – Solar Plexus Chakra

Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, is a spinner wheel portal and the Inspirational Elemental Earth Vortex of the planet according to Robert Coon, a mystic and futurist who first coined the phrase “earth chakra” in 1967. South Africa is the Spiritual Solar Plexus Fifth Dimensional Earth Chakra of the world according to renowned British author and Angel and Ascension expert Diana Cooper.

According to Diana Cooper the planet has physical, mental, emotional and spiritual chakras. When Marlene DragonWeaver first realised that she was the Portal Keeper of the Table Mountain Portal in 2018 when she relocated to Cape Town, she then also realised that Table Mountain is the focal point of the Spiritual Solar Plexus Chakra, which is the whole of South Africa.

“South Africa is the spiritual solar plexus chakra of the planet. In individuals and the planet the solar plexus draws in fear and transmutes it. When the chakra becomes fifth-dimensional it glows pure gold and radiates wisdom. The Earth’s solar plexus chakra, South Africa, is already fifth-dimensional but it is processing negative energy from the whole world. That energy is not held there. It is transmuted and given back as positive light but the chakra fills up again so quickly that it cannot glow. However, this will change after 2032.” From: The Keys to the Universe by Diana Cooper

“The portal of Table Mountain will also open completely and its influence will enable Africa to become totally self-sufficient.” …”Most importantly, the whole of South Africa is the spiritual Solar Plexus chakra of the planet [and] is currently holding much fear for the world. As the portals open and are activated again, starting in 2012, the anxiety will dissolve and the ancient wisdom will return. As South Africa is connected to Mercury, the planet of communication, this country will be instrumental in spreading golden truth.” From “2012 and Beyond” by Diana Cooper

The Table Mountain Portal was slightly open when she first arrived in Cape Town in 2018. Marlene and her Dragon Uman are the Dragon & Rider Portal Keeper Duo of Dragon & Human, fully integrated as Dragon and Rider they are known as UmanRa. The Dragon is in Spirit form and the Dragon Rider is human, to physically hold and ground the Light Codes necessary to hold the energetic mesh of the Portal. Uman is also the Guardian of the Portal to Gaia’s Heart. After the start of the worldwide fear wave during the Lockdowns in 2020, the Portal was opened fully by her Dragon Uman at the beginning of April 2020, so that the Lightworkers and Starseeds in South Africa who were assisting the transmuting of the fear of the world could draw from the energy of the Portal to help them to rebalance themselves during the transformation process they were doing subconsciously at higher soul level just by Being in South Africa and holding the Light there.

Marlene DragonWeaver will be working with the Spiritual Chakras identified by Diana Cooper for the duration of the New Earth 5D Sync Project and will be holding the first of the unique series of 12 Sacred Light and Music Ceremonies, at each of the Spiritual Earth Chakras, on Table Mountain on Lion’s Gate 2023 (8/08/2023) as the start of her Gridwork Project to link humanity to the higher fifth dimensional frequencies of Gaia, one Earth Chakra at a time.

She will also pass the reigns of the Portal during the Ceremony to the next Portal Keeper, a Golden Winged Lyran Lion. The Lyran Lions are taking over the holding of the energetic grids and portals of our planet from the Dragons, who have been holding the 3D Grid. The Lions will be holding the 5D Grid. (More on this in upcoming articles.)

4 thoughts on “Table Mountain, South Africa – Solar Plexus Chakra

  1. Whoooop Whoop!!! Fabulous, so Divinely Aligned, in Sync, and exciting … Amazeballs, dearest UmanRa .. thank you!

  2. Yes Devils Peak was the spinner wheel spinning storms from Cape Town thru the Caribbean up to Florida and up the east coast towards New York causing much damage.

    NOW it’s Angels Peak spinning out Gods Light and Love to everyONE on the Earth.
    We ARE ON A LAY LINE THAT RUNS UP TO ANGELS PEAK, Charging it up, resurrection of all devils back to Angels to support Heaven on Earth.

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