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Greetings! My name is Marlene UmanRa, I am also known as the DragonWeaver.

I have been on a Journey of Remembering and am now in the position of knowing enough to be embarking on a huge Grid-work Project that will span all corners of the New Earth over the period of the next 10 years or so.

The New Earth 5D Sync Project will entail the bringing together of a multitude of Lightworkers and Starseeds from all across Gaia and will provide the opportunity for each and every human being on this amazing planet that serves as our home to link and tune their chakra systems to the higher frequencies of Gaia’s Fifth Dimensional Chakra system and to speed up the upgrade of their energy bodies to the new crystalline energy blueprint. 

To do this we will be organising Sacred Light and Music Ceremonies and Attunements at each of Gaia’s 12 Fifth Dimensional Chakras that will be streamed internationally. There will be supporting Conscious Music Concerts and Festivals held locally at or near each of the Chakra’s locations for each of the Ceremonies.

We will be starting with the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is the whole of South Africa, or more precisely the focal point of the Chakra which is Table Mountain in Cape Town. The launching event for the Project was held on Lion’s Gate, the 8/8 Portal in 2023.

I am hereby inviting you to join me on this amazing journey. Take part, contribute or just link in. Follow your Heart and trust your Higher Purpose. This is why we are here. To build the New Earth. This is one of the ways you can be part of the inner workings of this huge Billion Year Project with Gaia that we all agreed to take part in.


Why are we doing this?


To assist Humanity to attune to Gaia’s higher 5th density frequency Chakras through Light Codes and Frequency Music, one Chakra at a time, thereby enabling us to create New Earth Light Communities of fifth dimensional and higher frequencies.

Mission Statement

A sacred gathering of Gridworkers, Lightworkers and Starseeds from all over Gaia to assist in removing interferences, blockages, controlling technology and implants within Gaia’s main 12 Chakras, then by using Light Codes and Sound Vibration in Light and Music Ceremonies link all of Ascending Humanity to her 5th dimensional Chakra system, enabling us to link to her on the higher vibration & frequency of the fifth dimension/density thereby enabling the creation of a sovereign and free Fifth dimensional New Earth Community.

Sacred Light and Music Ceremonies

As each of Gaia’s Chakras resonates to a specific frequency and is situated in a specific region on our planet, each Light and Music Ceremony will consist of the weaving together of several elements. The conscious frequency music will include sounds from the animal kingdom, local musical traditions, as well as Light Language messages, in particular from one of the Dragons of the Council of Mu, named Tanaa, embodied as Araya AnRa, as well as others who are drawn to contribute. The visual Light Language Codes will be contributed by Anu ShéRa, The Cosmic Scribe, and will be woven into visual elements portraying the various aspects of the particular Chakra and the area it is in. Sacred elements and participation from the indigenous peoples of each area will also be incorporated before the final Frequency Light and Music piece that will be composed and directed by Marlene DragonWeaver. Each Ceremony will be created in full co-operation with the sacred leaders and/or spiritual representatives of the local indigenous peoples.

As a container for each of the Ceremonies, there will be a Conscious Festival held at or near each particular Chakra on the day of the Ceremony. These day or half-day events will culminate in a Conscious Music Concert in the evening that will end with the Sacred Light and Music Ceremony.

Gaia's 12 Fifth Dimensional Chakras

Gaia's Fifth Dimensional Spiritual Chakras | New Earth 5D Sync Project

Background Aspects Overview

Indigenous People

The Earth and Humans are entwined and have obligations to each other. Humans are not on Earth to dominate and tame, but should work with and nurture the world. Indigenous people have always understood this and have sacred knowledge, rituals and practices of vital human and non-human relationships. They understand the role that sacred sites play in this interrelationship between us and the Earth. Theirs is the role of environmental and spiritual guardianship. We acknowledge that there can be no separation of the Spiritual and the Physical and we will therefore be actively integrating some of these sacred rituals and ceremonies as well as interweaving our own ancient memories in our Ceremonies at each of Gaia's Sacred Chakra Sites. Each of our Ceremonies will strengthen this interrelationship between us and Gaia again, now at her higher fifth dimensional frequency.

Sound, Music & Imagery

Sound and music as frequency have been used through the ages to transform, attune and harmonise. We will utilise the sounds of Mother Nature as well as various forms of instruments - traditional, indigenous and modern - and interweave them with tonal vocals as well as various forms of vocal Light Language to create the Sacred Frequency Music for the Ceremonies. This will be interwoven with visual Light Codes and imagery relevant to each of the Chakras. This will enable a two-fold activation of the frequency re-tuning of our human energy systems to that of Gaia.

Light Language

Hidden deep inside our DNA and RNA is a Language that is as old as time, as vast as all the Universes and as pure as the first Seed of Creation. This Light Language is available to all of us, it is there within but often it requires a key to unlock so that we may receive the messages embedded in the Code. This Expression of Creation comes to us in different forms such as through Scribing, Dancing, Hand Mudras, Singing, Toning or Chanting, Photography of Nature, it is Limitless. By using this Language, we unlock the fullest potential that we have, to be who we are created to be and to fulfill our Soul's Mission in this embodiment. As each of us are Portals of Light embodied in this human avatar form, we are all holding and grounding these Light Codes into the Earth, our Mother, Gaia.
We will be weaving Light Language in symbol form, toning, singing and hand weaving into each and every one of the Ceremonies.

The New Earth

In a spiritual sense, the idea of a "New Earth" represents the radical transformation of human consciousness and the advancement of humanity as a whole toward a utopian existence marked by unity and connection. It envisions a time where people transcend divided ideologies and embrace harmony, compassion, and a love for all living things. On the New Earth, materialistic pursuits give way to a focus on spiritual growth and the realization of interconnectedness within the multidimensional universes.

In this transcendent higher frequency realm, people recognize the inherent divinity within themselves and others, fostering deep empathy and understanding. Harmony with nature becomes paramount, and sustainable practices nurture the planet's well-being. The New Earth represents a higher state of awareness where fear and separation dissolve, to make place for genuine expressions of joy, creativity, and cooperation. It stands as an inspirational beacon, urging humanity to embody its true essence and to usher in a new era of profound peace, love, and harmony.


The whole Project is a huge collaboration of Starseeds, Lightworkers and Spiritual Guides and there will be a different mix of Collaborators for each of the Ceremonies at the different Chakra Locations. Sacred Indigenous Knowledge Keepers, Light Codes, Light Language, Indigenous Music, Conscious Music, Channelers, Grid Workers, Event Organisers, Technical Consultants, Conscious Food, Sound Healing, etc. If you're feeling called to be a part of please do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome you. You are already part of the Team...

Crystalline Energy Body

There is a complex web of frequencies and vibrations that shape the crystalline structure within our bodies, with varying density and patterns. New chakras, like the higher and lower heart, have been emerging. There are Rainbow Crystal Light Beings from a Realm in the Inner Earth that are web keepers, connecting all beings through a web linked to Earth's chakras and her crystalline structure. As the Earth and humanity evolve, new patterns are forming, transforming our crystalline structure. Some individuals are already experiencing manifestations of these changes, while others are in early stages. The Rainbow Crystal Light Beings are telepathic entities working with frequencies and vibrations, shaping our crystalline structure. Michelle Magic Medium will work with these beings during the first event to facilitate a major global upgrade for humanity for all those that are ready to receive it. This collective shift and ascension signify a profound transformation for humanity. This is an unfolding process that is being guided by Deep and Inner Earth Realms.


Dragons are mighty spiritual beings of the Dragon and other Realms, who seek to empower humanity physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. By helping us to see through illusion, the Spiritual Dragons know we are able to return to understanding and embracing our divine nature and thereby experiencing our full connection and oneness with the Divine and with all of existence. Dragons are effective and powerful spiritual protectors as well as teachers and healers. They are masters of the elements, and through this they can help us to heal ourselves and others, understand Earth magic, remember the ancient mysteries, and help us to transmute dense and negative energies by utilising their fire breath. The highest frequency Dragons from the Dragon Realm, one of the first Realms that were formed by Source, are Creator Beings and as such have created and hold the energy templates of Gaia's Grid Structure. These are the Dragons that hold Gaia that we will be working with. There are also embodied Dragon Souls that are grounding Light Codes in human form that are Guides and Protectors of Portals around the world. We will be working as and with all of these powerful wondrous Beings during our Ceremonies.

Ascended Masters & Guides

Most of the main Collaborators are Starseeds and Lightworkers and have therefore been utilising guidance from their Higher Selves and Spirit Teams. This also includes guidance, whether through personal meditation or via answers to questions during channeling sessions from the Ascended Masters and members of the Galactic Federation. Some of these include Anubis, Merlin, Melchizedek, Kryon and Commander Ashtar to name but a few. 

Main Collaborators

araya anra

Psychic medium | Energy Master | Spiritual/Life Coach | Author | speaker | the dragon lady

Leone van den Heever | Anu SheRa | The Cosmic Scribe

leone | Anu'Shé~Ra

Quantum Alchemist | The Cosmic Scribe | The Royal Lyran Project | Earth Gridwork | Grief Walker

Marlene DragonWeaver

martial artist | health practitioner | portalkeeper | gridworker | Dragonrider | artist | creator of spiritual tools | dreamer

Michelle Magic Medium

michelle magic medium

Soul Shaman | Soul Healer | Soul Coach | Conscious & Intuitive channel | Medium | Teacher

How can you participate?

Experience this unique first time ever series of Frequency Attunement Iinitiations connecting in with Gaia at 12 Sacred Sites and receive a crystalline energy body upgrade to experience acceleration in consciousness and a shift into your most aligned reality.

Initiate a shift in your quantum field, raise your vibrations, have a clearer more aligned purpose, and experience a new, balanced reality  paving the way to the New Earth.

New Earth 5D Sync Project - Seed Code

Internationally streamed events:

Full Journey

This gives you access to the live-stream of the whole experience at each supporting Concert Event so that you can enjoy the conscious music, all the different sound and other healing items that will be part of the programme for each particular Sacred Site Event and ending with the Sacred Sound and Light Attunements incorporating frequency conscious music and a light language visual display. Access to the replays will be available after each Event.

It is recommended to do the entire series of 12 as each one links you to a specific spiritual earth chakra.

Sacred Attunements

This gives you access to the live-stream of only the Sacred Sound and Light Attunements for each Sacred Site incorporating frequency conscious music and a light language visual display. You will have access to the replay after each of the Attunements you acquire.

It is recommended to do the entire series of 12 as each one links you to a specific spiritual earth chakra.

In Person Live Concert Event:

Attend the Live supporting Concert Event in person at the Sacred Sites of your choice so that you can enjoy the conscious music, all the different sound and other healing items that will be part of the programme for each particular Sacred Site Event and ending with the Sacred Sound and Light Ceremony incorporating frequency conscious music and a light language visual display. 

Experience the various offerings of supporting Conscious Food, Crystal & other vendors.

You will also have access to the replay of each Event you have attended afterwards.

How can you help?


We need your help actualising this mammoth project. Your donation will assist us with the following during the initial phase of the Project Launch:

Equipment: Laptop, Large Computer Screen & Keyboard Midi Controller
Salaries for Project Management & Social Media Team Members
Deposits for the booking of Artists, Venues & Collaborators


Connections & Skills

For future Sacred Site Events you can assist us with your knowledge, skills or connections in the following ways:

Introductions to Wisdom Keepers and Elders at all the Sacred Sites
Knowledge of local venue locations & people willing to be guides
Accommodation whilst on scouting visits
Video material & photos of the various sacred site areas for social media posts and website articles

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